new meditation and concentration experience to all the users

Simple, beautiful and intuitive app that helps users to concentrate on their goals no matter where they are.

Create the vision board

Start from creating the board and filling it with your dreams. Use your Photo Gallery, take a picture or search Google Images and share them directly to the board.

Set up notification

You can configure the time for meditation and its duration. Application will send the reminders suggesting one dream to work out. Set up daily notifications by date and time allowing you to focus on your dreams and goals.

Find your special music
for visualization

There is no better way to visualize than with your favourite music. VISUAPP is the unique application that allows you to choose any melody for the meditation.

Life is a menu. Whatever you order is what's delivered to the table.

Secret features that makes your dreams come true faster

  • VISUAPP knows what dream to visualize

    App has integrated mechanism that allows to analyze all the visualization sessions and its duration for each dream. Basing on this analysis VISUAPP suggests its users to make more efforts on the dreams that might be slipped out of focus.

  • Rearrange and prioritize your dreams

    Sometimes we are concentrating our thoughts on things that don't have high importance. That's why in VISUAPP you can establish the order of your dreams.

  • Control you visualization time

    Peter Drucker said "If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Manage It". The same approach is working for your dreams. People can better control their dreams if they can see the time of visualization that they have spent on it. With VISUAPP it's possible. Such information is available to every user. Each dream has a counter of visualized time on the right bottom corner.

  • Visualize with affirmations quotes

    The person who keeps trying again and again with his dreams is the one who will succeed. As it was said before, VISUAPP will remind you about the visualization session. With this reminder user will get short message with motivational quotes. That is the moment when vision board starts to share wisdom with his owner.

  • VISUAPP has secrets that only our users can know

    We're constantly preparing pleasant presents to our users. To know this secrets you just need to download the VISUAPP and keep on your phone. Go go go!

  • We become what we think about

    Think positively, be grateful and allow the universe to make it's job.

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If you can dream it, you can do it

Start dreaming with VISUAPP