If you still celebrating the Sain Valentinde Day home with your cat this 5 step will help you to find your soulmate and the next 14th of February there will be three of you: you, cat and your couple :). Let’s go!

1. Fall in love with yourself

Yes, we know that you’ve already heard about it. Everybody knows it but unfortunately not everyone acts about it. Self-love is attractive and nothing attracts more than the selfconfident, optimistic and independent person. We suggest you to create the list of the thing you love about yourself and re-read it every day. Remember your positive sides is your power. You should concentrate on them. And please, stop thinking that to be loved you need to change yourself, you are beautiful just as you are. Enjoy yourself now.

Love yourself

2. Stop waiting and live your life now

Firstly define who you are. What do you like, what you don’t. You should start living your life right now. Don’t wait for she ot he to came into your life, star living your life and enjoy yourself right now! No matter what oter people say, just do what you like with no fear and with no doubts. Suddenly you will meet your couple just in the place you never expected to.

Live your life

3. Develop the qualities you are searchig for in yourself

The Law of attraction is working like a magnet. You attracting the people like you and the things you thinking about. So define which qualities you want your mate to have and start to develop the same in yourself. For exaple if you want someone who like sports and animals may be you should buy a gym membership and the dog.

Work on yourself

4. Don’t hurry things

Remember if you are searching for real and long-term relationships, hurrying is the worst thing you can do. It’s not a game and things should develop naturally. Don’t rush and be calm, just enjoy the current moment you living.

Be calm

5. Continue to dream it

Replay on a daily basis all your dreams and fantasies and one day you will find yourself living your dreams. VISUAPP is the best way to do it and ready 24 four hours a day to help you with it. Just GO GO GO!

Love will find you