One day we were enjoying a relaxing walk at lunch time in the park near to the Diagonal Avenue in Barcelona. It was summer. And the only thing that we had on that moment was “wow” how beautiful this place is. The girl (me) remembered that when she was a child she used to put the pictures she likes on her table under the glass. And one of that pictures was the picture of Barcelona.

So we thought: “it’s true, it’s worth to dream and visualize!”. And it would be even better if everyone could always take his vision board in the pocket! And there is only one way to do it… digital way.

That is how the VISUAPP idea was born.


Since then this idea was rethinked. We enhanced it with notifications, affirmations, counters and timers. Stop reading, just try it and you will love it. Please let us know what you think about it and how we can improve it. The first public version is already on Google Play and we are very proud of it! We believe it will help a lot of people to be happy and successful. Besides that, a lot of new ideas are in progress now. Ooh, it’s so hard to imagine how much we will have in future 😊.