Everyone knows about famous Dale Carnegie. Let’s repeat the simple truths.

Here are the 5 ways to prevent worrying developed by amazing american writer and lecturer Dale Carnegie. Remember this tips and follow them in your life.

Always rest before you get tired

Rest often. There is nothing worse then accumulated tiredness and frustration. Don’t allow yourself even to feel tired. Once you tired, you should immediatly find the quicker way to relax. You can take a nap, drink a cup of coffee or at least look at the window.

Learn to relax at your work

Sometimes is hard to stop your current tasks and go to take a break. Just try it and you will see the positive impact very soon. Learn to relax at your work (and at home also of course).

Work with enthusiasm

One of the first reasons for success in life is enthusiasm. Try to enjoy every moment in your life, even if it’s hard you should force yourself to be really interested in things that you do on a daily basis.

Do things in the order of their importance

Just start from the most important things. This way you will see your own progress and all further task will be easily to solve. And clean up your working area before solving the next issue. You should take at hands only things related to the immediate problem.

Stop thinking about insomnia

The more you think about it the worse it will come. If you can’t sleep just use this time productively.

Write us if you have your own ways to deal with worry.